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Welcome to K9 H2O – The Lower Mainland’s Original Pool for Dogs

About Vancouver’s Original Pool for Dogs

  • Secluded in a casual and welcoming environment, this unique facility offers an 80,000 liter sanitized warm water pool
    which accommodates dogs and other companion animals.
  • Unlike running or simple walking , the natural buoyancy of the water greatly reduces stress on bones and joints
    thereby alleviating the pain induced by contact with the ground.
    Ask your veterinarian about it.
  • Our primary concerns are safety and comfort. A large non-slip ramp allows your dog access to the shallow end of the pool.
  • The 16 foot by 32 foot pool is maintained at 84 degrees for comfort.
  • All swims are by appointment only.

Our Experience

Our facility has been open since 2001. With our extensive experience we have been able to assist hundreds of animals burn off some much needed steam and gain some muscle. We do not discriminate against breeds, and among the hundreds of satisfied dogs we have also swam a miniature horse, a fawn, a skunk, a swan, ferrets, hedgehogs, guinea pigs, a lamb, a goat 3 cats and many more.

Latest blog posts

Pet of the Month

July Pet of the Month – Lightning

Lightning was born as a feral kitten in Red Deer Alberta.  He was captured along with his siblings and mom and it was discovered that he had a severe birth defect.  From his ankles down, his little back feet were twisted on backwards so the toe pads faced out and up! To move, he simplyRead more

getting to know copy

Getting to Know K9 H2O – Susan

Tonight we have Susan’s answers on the blog. Susan has worked at K9 H2O for a few years, she has swam our cats and I hear she has a great arm for throwing dog toys (although not always accurate).     How long have worked at K9 H2O? I have worked for almost 3 years.Read more

What's New copy

What’s New at K9 H2O

Back in February 2014 I was asked by Michelle Sturino, if I would agree to submit my name in a seminar hosted by Petlynx and Pets Plus Us Pet Insurance Company, who Michelle works with. These two dynamic companies have joined together over the last 8 years to co-host the Urban Animal Summit. Travelling acrossRead more